About Lock Break Battle

        Lock Break Battle (LBB) is a 1 - 8 Player video game targeting Windows, Xbox Live Indie Games, Mac and Linux.
         You play as one of four archetypes: Archer, Mage, Thief or Warrior. Each has their pros and cons, for example, thieves are the fastest, but can take the fewest hits, while warriors are their polar opposites.
         Once you have choosen your character, you are wisked off into a Labyrinth, where your only goal is to escape. To do this, you can lay traps, collect power ups, and attack your enemies to steal their keys. Once you have two keys you can escape the maze, by unlocking one of the outer gates. But you must move quickly, because when the timer on the match gets down to 1 minute remaining, a dragon breaths fire into the middle of the labyrinth that billows outware until it consumes everything left in the maze. Escape or last as long as you can, to score the most points!

About Algitt Studios

         Algitt Studios is a small, one man, Redmond based Video Game Startup, created in 2008. Currently specializing in Download Distributable games, formerly working in Contract game services.

         Algitt's previous released projects included Xbox Live Indie Games, and a PC title. Algitt was previously contracted to Exato Game Studios working on their Progenitor and Guncraft titles.